Saturday, October 29, 2011

Writing in the 21st Century

This may seem like an expose' on sci-fi writing or something having to do with iGadgets, but no. This is about me, a 38 year old father of three who after two lay-offs was forced (eagerly) to continue a career from hole while caring for the little ones. I am no hero, I have many issues and am most definitely NOT the  World's Greatest Dad. (I have seen him around town and he makes me sick). I am a guy struggling to write screenplays, edit films and videos, shoot events and direct live sports - and make meals, do the grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, homework, etc! My wife, bless her hard working soul, is a wonderful woman and terrific mother. She has managed to do a lot with a smile on her face. It is a forced smile, but only because of physical problems brought on by her profession. Her job is not very 'ergonomically friendly'.

I had a breakthrough today with a short screenplay I am writing. It has been written and re-written countless times and with no results. The ideas and emotions were not there. It is difficult to write in small 10 minute blocks. You get an inspiration and someone wants a snack, or we have to go pick out pumpkins - which is what I have to do next. Two of the three kids are whining right now as I write this.

This is the way it is. More than ever, dads are home with the kids and moms are bringing home the turkey bacon. We have to be creative and still functional. Gone are the days of Poe and Hemmingway, drowning ourselves in substance, neglecting our families. That's now a lawsuit and jail - not a Pulitzer.

I have to go, but if you are in my boat - we can do this. It is just a matter of re-training our minds to work in this new age.

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