Monday, November 14, 2011

Following One's Gut

So I made a short film this year. You can get a copy once I get off my butt and get them put together. I raised about $800 via crowd funding in a very short amount of time. I used Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and people really came to my aid. I had a great cast and crew and things came together nicely. This was not going to be my first film, however - it just happened that way. My next film, Reconciliation, is what I've always intended to be my showcase. After all of the razz was over for Disingenuous, and it was being thrust into the festival rejection circuit - I revisited my 'golden script'. I had already chosen the actors, figured out how and where it would be shot and I was excited. When I read it through, I was left cold, empty; I was disappointed. The script had nothing! It was bottomless, pointless and delivered nothing. I had to scrap it. This was probably very disconcerting to some of my close allies on this production. We already had a table read and - though it was not perfect by any means, we were nonetheless excited.

The rewrites were slow and not coming to me as the first version did. But suddenly...EUREKA! It all made sense, and the script flowed from my fingertips like my blood does when I accidentally sever my index finger. That never happened by the way, but I think you get the point. I am super-proud of this new script and we are working fervently to get 'named' actors to sign on. I look back and I still regret how it all played out - for I may have perhaps let down a good friend in the process. But as a writer/director I cannot feel badly about my muse and what it means to be true to it.

So for this production I follow my gut. I need to raise money - I am going to have professionals work on this production. We are holding auditions, but the selection process is going to be tough. I believe in this film - and what it can potentially do for this town, my career and the careers of those who will be on the team.

I am still determined, passionate and loyal. I close my eyes and meditate on the future and what I feel it to be and it is exciting to me. I am following my gut on this one - and the sky is the limit.

Scott W. Fitzgerald

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