Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Falling Leaves and Rising Stars

FPP prides itself on being a bit ahead of the curve. We enjoy casting and appreciating the understated - perhaps 'slightly locally known with no current mass appeal'. We encourage you to share this blog because between now and the new year, FPP will be publishing an article per week about what we believe to be a rising star. Actors, directors, producers, writers and pretty much any position above or below the line is eligible for this expose.

FPP News
Fair Port Pictures will be distributing the discs for Disingenuous  to donors, cast, crew and friends during the holiday season. If you happened upon this article and would like a copy - they will be for sale for the affordable price of $12.00 per DVD set and $20.00 per Blu-Ray.

Reconciliation, our next short film presentation is in the revision process. The final script will be completed within weeks. Casting will follow and we hope to begin production in late winter/ early spring. It is a decent budget for a short and we plan on investing a sizable sum into festival submissions. This project is considerably different from our first venture, and hopefully will define our artistic goals for future films.

For those of you who have been loyal fans, friends and confidants - thanks for being here and the future looks bright - better buy some shades.

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