Thursday, April 7, 2011

Money Talks; Director Walks

My post this last Monday about securing a shooting location for Disingenuous was a bit premature. I will not go too much into detail, but it seems that after his gracious donation of a location to the production, our geographical benefactor had a change of heart. In my humble opinion someone close to him decided that if a movie was being shot in his warehouse, he was obligated to charge money. He apparently agreed with his pal because today he asked how much we were paying him. When I made it perfectly clear that this production team was looking for a local business to donate a shooting location, he was more than happy to oblige. Well, it seems that the almighty dollar trumps the gentleman’s contract. It was a turn for the better - it seems we have two potential locations that are better for the setting of this film. So, I must thank this fellow - and as an aside, if he were having difficulties “feeding his family” perhaps he could sell his $85K Ford pickup. - Just a thought. 

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