Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Actors / Crew Needed

Fair Port Pictures is producing the short film Disingenuous and is looking to fill the following positions:



Dr. Randy Jones - 30's (ish). He is a podiatrist held hostage for reasons unknown to him. He is easily coerced with very little backbone. Kind of a "Hudson" like character from Aliens. He is tied up nearly the entire film.

Dark Figure - A dark, ominous hulking mass of a man. Must be over 6' tall - the bigger then better! Only speaking will be laughter. Must be OK with holding a gun to someone's head.


Wife  20's-30's - An off camera 'cameo' type role. No speaking, only facial expressions.

Camera Operator - This is an actor pretending to run a camera. (If you can supply a camera, even better!)

Person with clipboard:  Not much there to explain

Misc teamster #1 - Just eat donuts on camera
Misc teamster #2 - Donut eater
Misc teamster # 3 - Coffee drinker

Man walking on set - must have legs
Director - wear headphones and sit down.

Production Crew Needed:   (Actual crew may be needed to stand in as the fake crew)

Assistant Director
Sound/Boom Op
Camera assist
Makeup/fx (Blood and cuts)

Anyone else who wants to come and help.

This location will most likely be in Batavia. I am looking at shooting a long day on a Saturday in April. Once we staff this we can decide on the date. Food and Drink provided, including wrap party. (Wrap party on a different day)

Come be part of a great team!

Contact: Scott  - fairportpictures {at} gmail {dot com}

Scott W. Fitzgerald  - Writer/Director
Derrick Petrush - Director of Photography

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