Friday, June 3, 2011

The ROC Rocks! Support Local Filmmaking

What defines support? Does support imply that you will 'go out and do' in support of local films and the filmmakers? Does is imply that you will donate money or equipment to the production? Does it mean you will go out and drop a few bucks at the theater or buy a DVD? Whichever definition you prefer, it still means that you care at some level. In Rochester, there is a wonderful community of support. Regardless of the level, most of us who are trying to make movies help one another out. Sometimes it is not possible to give everything away for free, but at the very least - we all try and make it out to 'see' the films when they are presented in the Theater. Sometimes the Theater is actually the least supportive because, after all, it is a business and not an NPO.

Mr. Video: D-Train Media's Watch Box
I think the recent release and subsequent success of Second-Story Man is a precursor to a rebirth of the Rochester filmmaking industry. Here is what we have going for us:

    • "But where can you shoot around here, I mean, this is not New York City or Los Angeles." Rochester and the surrounding area runs the gamut for shooting locations. Need a metro setting? - we have city. Need a farm? - we have plenty. Need to shoot on the water? we have plenty. Oh, you need a sound stage? - we have plenty. Oh, you need a quaint shop or diner or historic building? - shut up - we have plenty. By the way - you don't pay NYC or LA prices either.
    • "Well, I'll have to fly in equipment or crew - what can Rochester possibly have?" Yeah, ok shut up! Equipment? We have plenty of professional gear available to rent and if we don't have it - we can get it because we're close to bigger cities. If you make another comment about not having the crew I am going to pummel you. Rochester Area crew is as seasoned and knowledgeable as anywhere. You have EVERY level and job represented here. Plus these men and women still have upstate charm and not all of the West Coast attitude (well, most of them anyway).
    • "I'll need to cast in LA because I want good actors, not community theater hacks." Wow, you are just asking for a beat down. Every stop in at the Geva? The Roc has some chops when it comes to acting. Just look around and audition - there are many diamonds in the rough here. YOU MAY EVEN DISCOVER A NEW STAR! (Think about how that may affect your career, Spielberg).
    • "I really cannot write or direct but I tell everyone I can"  - Well, first of all be honest and admit you have a lot to learn. Then, join one of the many teams making films around town ALL YEAR LONG and learn from those who know. Be modest and grateful and you will end up achieving your goals. Be cocky and greedy and you will go nowhere - plus no one will work with you again.
Well, that is my rant. I hope people seek out indie film in the Roc because most of it is very good and refreshing. Adversely you can just go and pay your $20 for a recycled storyline or watch Idol (shudder).

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