Thursday, May 5, 2011

FPP Scribe Sees the Writing on the Wall

Barry Meyer, a founding force for Fair Port Pictures, was recently honored with the public display of his poem 'Old People Dance' as part of the 3rd Street Canvas Arts Exhibition in historic Jamestown, NY.
A former Rochesterian and now Jamestown resident has his words in big letters smack on the side of a building in Jamestown! He wrote this poem, rife with imagery and emotion - after his parents 50th wedding anniversary. Certainly, there were some old people dancing there.

Sure, we miss him here - but he seems to be doing quite a lot in his new hometown. FPP proudly boasts this wonderfully creative and accomplished writer as part of the team and if you are even in Jamestown, drive around and look for him - Jamestown is not that big.

Barry Meyer is also a freelance pop culture & film writer and has his own business: Let's Go Video - a full service video production company. Visit the

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