Monday, September 14, 2009

Do Diapers Have Silver Linings?

To answer the question in title, I would have to say they do. The diapers I am changing these days have a light brown lining, but that is only if I wait too long to change it. At that point, however, the lining of the diapers is the least of my concerns. So I pose this question almost rhetorically simply because I wish to make a point about how life unfolds. We've all heard or even used the expression, "Everything happens for a reason." - and I believe that I am now the new spokesperson/poster child for this phrase. As I wind down the end of my career as I know it, I reflect on what I have learned in the 16 years since it began. Like in real estate, Location Location Location. This may not be the case for some trades, but for video production - it certainly helps. The good thing about raising kids is that you don't need a degree or and experience. Fortunately I have some on the job training for the last 6 years, so now I can jump right in and have fun. There will be no Mr. Mom scenes re-enacted at the Fitzy household on my watch! At the same time this thing I call Fair Port Pictures will essentially become a reality. I will no longer have that old excuse that I am too busy with work to spend time with the kids or to buckle down and write. So for all of you fans out there who have taken the time to read this note, I say to you "Yes!" that diaper has a silver lining indeed! I will add that often times your gut instinct is almost always the correct instinct, even if it takes a month or two to realize it. So if this morning you would raise your coffee, or maybe your scotch or whiskey (who am I to judge?) and toast me on my new adventure in babysitting, writing and personal growth. May you all be as lucky!

Scott Fitzgerald, Co-founder
Fair Port Pictures

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